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A Person
Adarsh Kumar Singh

I saw A Man,

A Man who is independent and free.

A Man who fallows the path created by him.

A Man who never fear of Getting Judged.

A Man who is Fearless yet Sensible.

A Man who enjoys Solitude.

A man who does the things, which he wanted to, Not what the world wanted him to do.

He faces problems like a Warrior.

I Saw a unique Aura in him.

He Seems to be the king of his own kingdom.

Never bothers what Anyone around is saying & doing.

I ask himself a question sometimes.

How he fallows his own Instinct ?

How he remain untouched of Crowd ?

And the Strange part is,

I Wanted to be like him.

Absolute Free, Fearless & Lost in your own world.

I don't want to be Someone in Crowd.

I Want to be Entirely Mine.







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