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Rahul P


“Time is money”, “respect time”, “time waits for none”. These are a few of a hundred ways to describe the importance of time. What many of us really don’t know that time is probably the most powerful in the universe. Time has been into existence since the beginning of this very universe we live in, and will probably continue to exists for eternity. It’s the power that we cannot see, cannot touch, cannot feel, but it is here, surrounding us. It has immense power to create life forms and destroy it too. So what exactly does one mean when she says, “respect time”?

Time is the witness to our every action. We live every moment of our lives in the passage of time. Not just us, humans but also other life forms, and also the extraterrestrial space around us. Trust me, when I say “time takes care of everything” it does take care of everything, literally everything. Time is like a long infinite stone on which every moment is carved. It cannot be erased. It settles in as a memory of events which we can look back at but cannot change. It heals anything and everything. When the earth was formed billions of years ago, it was impossible for life to take birth. Extreme hot and cold conditions, constant showers of meteors, lava flowing everywhere. Yet, here we are. Beautiful green landscape surrounds us. A good supply of oxygen and water with comfortable temperature which is just perfect for the existence of different forms of life. So how did a hot, inhabitable sphere become a green-blue beauty? It was time.

Time did this to our Earth. It was a long and slow process, yet it happened. it healed and formed the earth we live in today. It gave birth to huge, aggressive dinosaurs who reigned this very earth. But it also destroyed them to make way for something smaller, more intelligent, like us. That means, sooner or later, we too will be destroyed to make way for something different, much more intelligent than us. You see, everything in this universe happens for a reason. Time is the cause and justification for every incident this universe witnesses. So Alexander was great? Akbar was the most successful Mughal? Hitler was the most hated emperor? Well, they are all are dead now. Why don’t we have them today? Because time doesn’t care who you are, what have you accomplished, or what potential you carry, your time will pass. Time just drifts and drifts, building and destroying. You may be an Alexander who conquered half of the world through violence or a Gandhi who freed a nation through non-violence, you are going to die anyway.

So the only logical step right now to make good use of the time that you currently have. The sand of time is constantly slipping away from our palms, just as we are reading this. The worst kind of pain a human can experience is the pain of regret. This pain is brought upon us by none other than time. Regret is the only pain that kills a person from all his realms. Are you a spiritual soul? Materialistic? Minimalist? Regret will haunt you in your every possible mental realm and destroy you. Regret comes only when you understand the true meaning of time, but well, there is nothing to fix now because the time is gone.

A person will always have some kind of regret in his life. When a person says, “I have no regrets”, trust me, he would regret saying that one day. So now it is up to us to make our regrets as less as possible. This will happen only when we respect the time and act accordingly.

Time is the god, the god is the time.


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