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Rahul P



Sometimes I think the world would’ve have been a much better place if some Harvard dropout hadn’t thought of making a social networking website. We’ve heard our parents told us that their teenage years were a lot different than us. Sure they were mom! That was like decades ago when life was just about passing high school and either doing a job or getting married. The world has changed now. One’s limit is set by one’s own imaginations. A time when anyone can become what they dream of. And then there is social media, where we tend to forget what is the purpose of our existence and what we really want from our life.

The late 2000 saw a boom in the social media sector. Tons of websites where you could connect to your friends started popping up with different URL’s. Today, almost everyone in the world has an Internet connection and an account in any one of the biggest social media websites out there. So where is this taking us?

I wouldn’t say having a social media account is wrong. It all depends upon the time we dedicate to using it. When we use it for a limited amount of time and make a well use of it, we are benefited. But when we have no control over what we do see on social media, there are a lot of bad changes taking place in our life.


People get a license to hurt others


It’s 2018 and people getting offended online isn’t a surprise. When online, we can chat and express what we feel and think freely without revealing our identity. Sometimes, situations get out of hand when we see people expressing their anger and frustration online by using foul language and unacceptable comments. There have been many incidents in the past where a person who isn’t emotionally strong on being bullied online takes drastic steps to end his/her life. When people cant face or fight others in real life they turn online to take on the people whom they want to hurt. This type of handling of situation makes a person coward and not cool.


No confidence in real life situations


Being online frequently and rarely interacting with anyone in real life makes a person very awkward and can be perceived as an impolite gesture. Our real life is the one where we face all the challenges by ourselves in our day-to-day life. It’s our attitude and personality that wins over people and conquers our challenges. A person who is addicted to social media and doesn’t interact with humans face-to-face will not only make it impossible for others to have conversation with him but also make him a loner, and that is something nobody wants to be in their life.


Laziness takes over big time


To be online all we need is a device and Internet connection. No need to move anywhere and can pretty much connect to the entire world just by lying on the bed. But this is an official invitation to the lazy personality that can only bring harm to one’s life. To be fit and healthy is the real deal and that is why people keep moving. Humans are not meant to be static and that is why we all are here today because our ancestors kept moving in search for new homes and destinations. Now that we have discovered almost all places on earth doesn’t mean that we can relax. We have to be fit and that requires us to log off from our social media account and step out, make friends and explore.


To summarize, being connected is the only way to realize what is happening around us and across the globe. With a proper and worthwhile usage of Internet we can gain knowledge that ends when we cease to exist. But once we cross our limit and have no control on what we watch and surf on the Internet and social media, it is the day our downfall begins as a successful and intelligent species.


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