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about me
Naman Bhatt

        Introducing me

 Hello All. I am Naman from Sydney.A 9 year old, a student of year 4 and a very naughty boy... hehehe. All kids are naughty at this age and I am not different at all. My friends and classmates find me funny. Last year we all had to write one quality of our class mates and many classmates wrote "funny" for me. 

About study, my dad says " Naman has a very good brain" but trust me I don't like study a lot. I like to play and play more. I play soccer in winter and cricket in summer. Trust me I am not yet sure which sport should I continue with. So I play both.. I think it is just because I can play all time. During evening time I play games on mobile too.. hehe..

I am very active.. can't sit at one place for more than 15 minutes.. not even for study.. hehe. I like to play and talk with my dad. He answers all my questions and curiosity. 


About languages, I can speak and understand Gujarati very well. I am good at English. And for Hindi... I watch Hindi TV serials but can't write or read fluently. Don't tell anyone that I have been going to Hindi classes since last two years. 

About friends, I have many friends and can make friends very easily. Let's be friends. You know I have a pen pal in New Zealand too. If you want any tips of making friends just be yourself.

I like writing.. so wait for my next story.. I will it post it by next weekend.


 seeeee yaaaaa!!!!!!!!





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