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As I grow into a young woman,

I think more and more about who I am...(happens to the best of us!)

What has shaped me?

What motivates me?

How do I deal with setbacks?

How do I make decisions?

What makes me happy?

What distresses me?


And then on one of the days when life had tricked me,

the confident me..

I closed my eyes hoping to find some Godly strength


And I saw HIM...


A man with grey silvery hair,

Crowfeet around his laughing eyes,

A smile lurking at the corners of his mouth,

I recognized him instantly.

Even though...I hadn't met him for months(I have been too busy!!)

Didn't text him every other day,

Hadn't thought about him even for weeks (many other relationsios had taken centerstage!).


He was the one...


 Who had taught me how to laugh hard till your eyes started watering,

To walk with the wind in your face..,

To jump without a care or fear into the pool with my legs folded and arms in the air(for any water-body for that matter!),

To keep working hard, without worrying abut failure(he had said he'd still love me just the same!!),

To enjoy the gift of giving more than taking..

To be generous in praise..

To enjoy to the fullest even if it was a bit less (than the meighbour!!)


And all this while I had been thinking, that all good things in me are MINE..


Thanks DAD...for giving me the BEST THAT YOU HAD!!











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