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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Rosie. She used to have very imaginative dreams. One rainy day she went to sleep, and dreamt of an unusual dream. There, she was wondering about the land she had ended up in, Candy City. Over there, every single thing was made up of candy! She was there and she went to the hamburg hall. There was a very raging commotion going on. The Mint POLO Mayor was trying to calm all the citizens of Candy City down. But it was no use.

Finally a fair fairy arrived and told the problem, the gummy fruit jelly bears were eating up all the sweets! Rosie questioned a fairy named Cupcake as to why the gummy fruit jelly were eating up all the candy.. Cupcake replied, “they need all the candy for their hibernation.” Rosie was puzzled. She ran up to the Mint POLO Mayor, and told him that “maybe we can divide half of the candies and some of it win to be ours. Everyone agreed, and went to the gummy fruit bears caves.

They tried to tell them but they could only understand German! Surprisingly, Rosie knew German so she said, “hallo ich bin Rosie, Wer sind sei?”(hello I am Rosie, who are you ). Ich bin Sour, Sweet und Bitter.”(We are Sour, Sweet and Bitter) Replied the three Gummy fruit bears.  ‘’Kann sei bitte essen halfe oif bei food.’’ said Rosie.(Can you please eat half of the food). “Hmm. Yae. Wie gehts. Auf weiderschenz.’’ (Hmm yes, you have a deal see you soon). Replied the three gummy fruit bears. ‘’Yay!!!’’ said Rosie, and told everyone that they had agreed. Everyone was jovial and overjoyed, so they celebrated with a sizzling party! They celebrated in the kulfi ice cream forest. There were dazzling lights shimmering in the moonlight, delectable dishes were being served. Rocking 80’s music was playing! Everyone was dancing merrily, the stars were EXTRA glittery, the games were joyful, Rosie was relieved that the problem had been solved, but when Rosie opened her eyes, she realised it was a dream, but then, she saw Cupcake the candy fairy, flying in the SKY!



By-Saanvi Rana


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