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The story of the candy kingdom


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a kingdom, the Candy Kingdom. In the Candy Kingdom, there were talking sweet foods. One was Doughy, the donut. The other was, Cuppy the cupcake, the other was, Marshi the marshmallow, and Pani the pancake. The princess of the Candy Kingdom was, Princess Macky, the Macaroon.

One day, all of them were paying in the candy-cane forest, and out of nowhere, suddenly a big red Jelly Monster came out! He came raging into the forest, stomping his feet, wrecking all the fondue flowers. Scared, the sweet foods hid behind a candy-cane tree, AAAAAAAAAH, Marshi said screaming and panicking behind the tree! SSSSSHHHH said everyone to Marshi.

We need to find someway to defeat this jelly monster, said Doughy. “But how?” Said Pani. “Someone should distract the jelly monster, and then, we can go to Princess Macky, and help her defeat the jelly monster!” Said Doughy. “Good Idea!” Said Cuppy. So, Pani went to distract the jelly monster and the rest of them went to the Cookie castle, where Princess Macky lived. When they reached, they ran to her, told her all about the jelly monster, and after hearing their story, they went back and defeated the jelly monster using Princess Macky’s magic Candy wand that sprinkled icing sugar powder on the jelly monster, dehydrating it and banishing it forever.





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