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Lesson of life.
Charu Tiwari

How to really know that you are what you really want to be?

I had always wondered if I was being what I always wished to be. A simple question everyone asks while doing introspection I guess! Is it that easy to know that what are we doing is exactly what we wanted to do because somehow answering that question we end up being in our imaginary world that is just perfect and we really don't bother ourselves to get out of it.  Have we ever given a thought that how we may end up being in this bubble world of ours that what might happen when it all of a sudden pops and we end up in real world? We have to learn how to block all the sugary thoughts that take us nowhere in life, one have to work really hard to block away the things that are taking the majority of our time and keeping us away from what we really have to achieve. 

 To know things about us we first need to know how we really are doing! Here comes the step 1 in light 'EVALUATION', because one needs to evaluate themselves to reach their roots of life. 

To really know what we are and where are we standing we need a reality check! Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself a question a day starting from the basics, working on the root of our problems and trying to eliminate the dream world as much as possible. Starting with questions like, 'how are you doing today?' or 'how are you feeling today?' asking questions on second person basis will help us overcome the first and foremost hurdle in life that is feeling sorry for ourselves because there's no time to be sorry for what's done the only time we really get is to mend what is broken and fix what is done wrong and work our asses off to achieve what we actually thrive for. 

Second step towards knowing what goes into the recipe of making ourselves good is that we engage ourselves into something that brings the beauty in us not the sour points that everyone has to point us out and here comes the word 'POSITIVE' in our dictionary of life.  Just like it's important for us keep our body enough hydrated so that we don't feel week, it's important for our mind and soul to feed onto some positive thoughts that keeps us going even in the impossible situation of all. A positive approach towards life is important as to know what we really are doing in our daily life. It’s very necessary to feel positive about ourselves because that's another step towards achieving something good in life other than money and that's self-respect and self-love which are the main ingredients in making that we are and what we want to be.

Third step is to learn a few negative words like 'STOP' and 'NO' because i am pretty sure that these words help a person shape their life a lot. The summary is that if you really want to know how you doing stop rating and comparing yourself because that brings harm to only and only you. No other will ever care about how you feel till the time you yourself don't. It's high time you stop judging yourself rather does something about that's not up to the point at least it'll bring something good to us. Start saying no to things that makes you feel uncomfortable or makes you think twice about it. it's really important to turn down a few things for more good.

Last step is to 'TO BELIEVE'. When we start believing in ourselves things really start to change because then we don't let others control us in any way no matter what. The key to confidence is to believe in oneself and be what you wish to be as a person not what other’s expecting you to be. Loosing yourself on the beats of life and dancing to your own rhythm inventing new steps is life. Feeling every drop of rain and drenching in the beauty of nature that is life. Looking upon the sky for answers when confused is life. Staring into to infinity of star studded night to feel relaxed is life. From picking up where you left to having bits of moments of life just for yourself that is how life supposed to be rather then evaluating where we stand. It’s because in the end we all reach the destination where we are destined to be. So, if when the thought of rating yourself or finding where you stand just close your eyes for a while and relish the moment and think of where we want to be and just work for it. Remembering our goal is more important than to find where we really stand because all the evaluation and comparison is vain if don't have anything to achieve. Because making mistakes is normal and that's how we human beings roll by making mistakes and learning from it, because sometimes steering away from the topic brings more good than bad. Because there would be nothing to learn if we don't commit mistakes because every perfect invention has story of its own that's full of mistakes. It’s because 'life' and 'mistakes' go simultaneously. 





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