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Relevance of festivals in modern lifestyle

Colourful lights, decorated pandals , discounts and sale in market and goods, more number of people on street marks the arrival of any festival that is going to land soon. The colourful aura and excitement in everyone’s face boosts up ones positive energy and fills our heart with immense pleasure. It uplifts the happiness and gives the opportunity to start new forgetting every bad thing that pulled over the negative energy.

Imagining our life without festivals seems like monotony without vacations. We all have reached a point where the only way of family gathering is a festive call. The only time when we spent time with our family, friends, relatives etc and add memories to our lives. Most of the people believe that festivals are celebrated to rejoice the importance of a particular community and religion. But now days people from all religions and community join together to celebrate one festival that not only binds and unites the society but also brings together the idea of cooperation and co-existence.

The assumption of festivals have now varied for each generation kids wait for sweets and new clothing, youngsters await them for new gifts, middle aged celebrate their vacation with family and the grandparents rejoice the family with the history or the reason behind the celebration of a particular festival. Altogether we have developed a new way of celebrating, recreating, decorating and mixing with each other.

The sale of every shop goes high be it local to multinational. Mostly we have turned our festival in a commercialisation. We rarely pay heed to the customs and traditions rather than celebrating ourselves and adding likes and hearts on our social media handles. Instead of spending time with family, people have reserved their happiness to their social world and fashion sense. This is one of the most common demerits found among the teenagers.

With the evolution of our lifestyle we have made everything that reaches us without our comfort being disturbed. Though the homemade sweets are replaced by chocolates; the earthen lamps are replaced by colourful lights; but the sanctity of festival remains same throughout the period. The excitement of celebrating each festival remains the same.

Other than food, clothing and celebration of togetherness festivals also come up with a lot of employment opportunities. Number of industries and business are merely depended upon the festivals and earn good profit during this time. One of the most important charity activities during the festival is feeding the poor and giving them alms. It is a wonderful gesture especially from the rich people to give back to the society. In short, the occasion increases the feeling of brotherhood among the neighbours as they meet and have a good time.

The world is full of enmity and prejudices among the people as they try to compete with each other both in terms of wealth and fame. During the festival, they can meet and forge a bond of companionship and love. God has taught people to love and not indulge in blind hatred, therefore it is vital for them to assimilate the teachings and implement them in real life during the festival. It would go a long way in removing animosities from the prejudiced minds and make the world a better place.


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