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Ariba Hidayet Khan

“What are you looking at?” Ana’s father asked her with a smile. She turned to look at her dad and smiled back, “I am talking to Kitty.” “Ah! Come, sit with us and have your breakfast. Your school bus must be here in some time. You can listen to our Kitty Meow later” said her mother, sitting at the dining table. Ana, dressed in her school uniform, sat at the table with her parents. It was a typical day for the nine-year-old, Ana and her parents in Lucknow. Ana’s elder sister, Sana had already left for school.

Ana and Sana had nothing in common. Sana was thirteen years old. Both of them used to quarrel about every little thing. Their parents spent a lot of their time in resolving their fights. They used to tell Sana to act like an adult. They also told Ana to respect her elder sister. But nothing solved the problem. There was only one thing that brought the sisters together for a few minutes. It was their pet, Kitty. They loved their Kitty a lot. The first thing they used to do when they returned from their schools was to look for Kitty. They would but different treats for the Kitty and watch her play with yarn balls. They would spend time with her all the time and never get bored.

One day, when Ana was doing her homework, she heard a voice. It was a soft and weak voice. She walked towards it and saw Kitty sitting on the kitchen floor alone. She could not understand where the voice was coming from. After some time, Sana came to the kitchen looking for her sister. She also heard the voice. Both of them started searching for the source of the faint voice. Soon it became a small game for them in which, whoever finds the source first, wins. After spending some time in the kitchen running from one wall to the other, they realized that it was their Kitty’s voice. Both of them were surprised because their Kitty was not saying simple meows. Their Kitty was speaking! They screamed with joy. They were excited to talk to their pet. They said hello to the Kitty and their Kitty replied back. Ana and Sana started screaming and jumping with happiness. A few seconds later their parents came running into the kitchen. They were worried after hearing their daughters scream. As soon as they entered the kitchen, they saw their daughters laughing. Ana said, “Papa! Look, our Kitty can speak! Talk to her.” Their parents started laughing. “She is only saying meow.” said their mother ignoring her daughter’s words. Both, Ana and Sana got confused. They tried talking to Kitty again and she again replied. But their parents could only hear her meow. The girls understood that their Kitty only talks to them and this gave them pure joy.

Since that day, Ana and Sana started spending more time with their Kitty and also with each other. Their Kitty was special. They decided to keep it a secret and enjoy their pet’s company even more. Because of their pet, Ana and Sana’s fights ended. They soon began to play together. This sudden change in Ana and Sana, surprised their parents because they did not know the secret that their daughters knew.


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