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The beauty of struggle
Ayushi Birla


There was a girl in her mid teens; she faced with the dilemma of choosing her career path like all of us after her high school. As she was interested in event management but her family wants to maintain their age old hierarchical chain of being always "The Engineers”, she was in a very indecisive state as to what she should do whether to follow her parents' dream or her own. 

After much convincing, her parents still didn't accept her dream of becoming an event manager, so she had to accept to follow the career path to be an engineer for her parents. But she thought that material success in life doesn't lasts for long as only the drive you crave for, the igniting passion in you can help in achieving success and happiness in life. So she decided that as her parents are her major priority she is supposed to undertake the path to be an engineer but with that she succeed in convincing her parents to allow her to study for event manager also and if she succeed in it , her parents will allow her pursue it further . 

So she had to toil day and night to fulfil her parents and her own dream. She faced many obstacles in the path and also few people even consider her decision nothing more than an immaturish attitude towards life. But when at the end she succeeded in becoming an event manager along with being an engineering graduate, no one even dared to mock at her. They were all mesmerized by her great success.

So the moral is, the fruit of happiness bores only when you toiled day and night for the goal of your life even though people in your path don’t accept that and degrades you.




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