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Relevance of festivals in modern lifestyle
Nishtha Sethi


“A family that eats together , prays together , stays together” This is not just the saying but , is also true in every case. Festivals are not just the continuation of our rituals but , it is a celebration , celebration of out togetherness , celebration of our happiness , celebration and cheering of our highs and lows and many more celebrations adds on in the list. These celebrations not just cheers our moods but also makes us eager and excited as these are the ones which reunites the whole family every single time even after living apart from each other in different houses which can never be a home without the family and the joy and satisfaction which we get from them. These are the times for which we wait eagerly.

Festivals , they are the seasons of joy , celebrations , happiness and many more. Especially in India , we celebrate every festival irrespective of the religions , caste or people. This is the time where even enemies becomes friends , where people forget their grudges and make new friends. Festivals not only unites families , the whole country is united ny them! People form different religions , areas , distinctions irrespective of the status they belong to , come together and celebrate every festival irrespective of whole festival it is , with full enthusiasm and gala shows. There's a great saying , “ Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai , sbhi hai bhai – bhai. This is the significance of festivals. Be it Diwali , Christmas , Eid or these are celebrated not only by the people belonging to their respective religions but , whole country come together and celebrate it. Festivals are being celebrated since last many years and each have its own significance and meaning . Just as Diwali is celebrated as a symbol of prosperity , love and togetherness , Eid unites people , they hug each other 3 times and say Eid – Mubarak , Christmas , a winter festival is known for exchanging gifts full of love , Gurupurab is a symbol of bravery , humanity and brotherhood. The same way , the festivals , in some or the other way teaches us the things which no one can ever teach us. These symbolises love , purity , brotherhood , togetherness , selflessness , care , respect , understanding , and more importantly , how to be happy and satisfied without out mobile phones , internet , social media , status updates , stories and the list is never ending. These things just make us feel inferior , gives a feeling of jealousy , we crib on unnecessary things which are not even useful to us but , these festivals , these family gatherings , the unconditional support and love for our lived ones , these are the things which should actually matter to us , which we should crib on. Nowadays , our youth consider these social gatherings in club or over a beer as a feeling of superiority , as a symbol of being popular amongst everyone and having so many followers but actually , these things are just the show off , just a curtain which shouldn't fall unless the happy faces will turn into sad ones. The actual gatherings are the family gatherings which encourages the family to come together , stay together and support each other in every situation. Our youth doesn’t want to celebrate festivals , they consider them as a wastage of money and time but , is it so? No! As festivals are a symbol of togetherness , we can donate useful things to the people who are in actual need of them , and can celebrate togetherness , this will help us find inner peace which we cannot find anywhere. Our youth is not aware about the historical things of our mythology , about the great deeds performed by our gurus , lords. This festival celebration can be a medium , by chance to make them aware about it , to make let them feel the goose bumps just by listening to the historic stories and this will help them find their inner strength and realise that they are the descendants of their heroes which will surely help them find inner peace which they are craving for but couldn’t actually find it. People think that festivals means drinking , gambling , lots of shopping and many more things like this and they actually consider it “ shubh “ but , they must realise this soon that festivals are for paying the tribute to the people in the memory of which they are being celebrated. Festivals are for spending money on the useful things and not on the things which actually are killing you slowly! Festivals are known for decorating the house and not for destroying it through gambling . Festivals are a source for making apologies for our mistakes , for making our enemies our friends . These are the purest forms one can achieve in life . During festive season , one gets to witness the best ever gala in daily life . This can make us feel happy as these things do mesmerize us . In the end , I conclude this by saying that festivals are the one known to be enjoyed for , the one known to befriend with your enemies and make your bond even more stronger with your dear and near ones ! They are the symbol of purity , sanity which encourages you to forget the bad memories and make new ones which are surely giving you satisfaction and happiness . This can be a means of meeting new people and making good memories with them . The festivals are known to be celebrated in the memories of our lords , they are also known to celebrate friendship , love , the moments which we spend with our near and dear ones . These also help us remain connected with our elders which makes them happy . One must celebrate festivals and shouldn't afford to miss all these things .


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