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To Be Us.
Can we be a little different than who we are?
Let us be kids.
Lets make the paper boats,
Lets lit the fire to warm the water,
Put in the imagined tea-leaves
Lets pour another cup for our imaginary friend.
In this castle of sand,
I'll be the king, you be my queen.
When the waves come to wash away our empire, 
We will bring our kites and conquer the sky.
I'll walk up the tower,
Taking with me an end of the wire and half a coconut.
You keep the the other end, make a telephone and learn how to cut the distance.
For the people who can't see,
I have put a flag on the tree,
With the initials of our name,
A and P.
The tree is the same which bears fruit sweet,
Seeds of which we've used to hit the people on the street.
The sketch of two flowers,
we sketched together.
I look at it and pray to the Father, 
if you do answer, 
Let these two bloom forever.
While we mastered the skills to jump a stone thrice.
While we mastered to smoothly remove the blocks,
and make huge house of cards;
We forgot to master the art to stop the time.
The wheels never stopped.
The cuckoo kept reminding about the time.
While the sky turned crimson.
The rainbow, is no more a thing.
Kites no more fly
And paper boat have sunken deep.
We have no wire to connect.
No flag to show the world.
Our territories marked with ink on trees,
Have all shedded leaves.
Oh, childhood friend,
We have come a long way
without wondering, what is the end?
For a moment or for a day
Lets be something different.
Lets be true to oneself.
I loved the kid that lived,
Which now is long dead.
Oh childhood,
Be the rose of my life again, in births to come.
Dwell in the garden of my heart, 
Spread your fragrance around me,
For the world to envy.
Dear friend,
As I leave these petals to dry on your grave, 
promise me, we will rise
To be kids, to be 'us'
Over and over again.


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