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My New Profound Love
Kirpa Kaur

I hate rains

And everything that comes with it

I hate those wiggly slimy things

I hate those crooking sounds

I hate those puddles carrying muddy waters

Those lousy drivers splashing their way through

Those darkened skies and extra layers of plastic on

Those slippery grounds and screeching tires

Those beautiful hands sharing an umbrella

Those mesmerizing pair of eyes glancing down their wristwatch

Waiting for you

That extra load of raincoat stuffed in his bag

Those shared moments of a cup of tea

I hate it all!

I hate how my hatred for rain changed to an everyday prayer for one

How my temptation for a cozy corner, coffee and a book changed to a need for tea dripping with the waters from heaven 

How my sandals changed to an all time collection of shoes

How my need for a holiday changed to an all time excitement for another darkened day

No matter how beautiful a sunny day would make me feel

Yet a rainy one made me feel cherished


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