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Another brick in the wall

The Circle of Life
The future. To most people it means their career in ten years, the money in their savings account in ten years, the people in their life in ten years, and for people like me, what I'll have for breakfast the next morning.
But occasionally, on perfectly blue days like this one, it makes me wonder. Wonder, not of what will become of me, but us. Plastic and petticoats, I guess. Only if we're lucky of course. I've read plenty of dystopians which predict our imminent doom- from man made viruses to the zombie apocalypse and let's not forget dicatatorship.
Freshwater politicians all promising a better future, for us.

It's always about us, and it's these perfectly, yet suspiciously cloudless days is when I'm most concerned about our welfare. Don't forget, I too, just like you, am a selfish little human with numbered days, too little, far too little, for amassing that fortune of the row of numbers I'd like to see in my currently non-existent savings account. How else will I make my name the gossip?

Study, get your marks, and that degree. Don't forget, sporty people are always appreciated, people look at what else you do as well. Play an instrument, find the nearest dance academy. Community service is never ignored, educate the underprivileged, so they too have a chance to make their name. Now you can go to a good university, preferably the one where all the famous people went to before they were famous. Now get a job, the one that involves the same black suit day after day is best. Twenty years down the line, congrats you're CEO. This means you get to sit in a bigger cubicle which has it own coffee machine and make coffee with all the other big people, you might even have a few kids by now. You've got everything in life, a respected position, money, friends, family, free coffee and Gucci toilet paper.

Add another two decades, you're retired, perhaps you've become a full time baby sister for your spoilt grandkids, maybe you're the hip old lady who has ice-cream for breakfast lunch and dinner? Now you can truly do whatever you want, your life was controlled by you, and now there's more freedom then ever! Isn't this fun? You have twenty years left in your hourglass and you're dedicated to make the best of it, go eat at the gluten-free patisserie down the corner, even though the doctors warn you sugar at your age can reduce five years of your ticking clock.
Uh-oh, you're dead. Your loved ones weep tears because now you're not around to provide them with whatever it was you were providing them with.
As your soul revisits your life, it wonders, where the hell did it go so wrong?
How on Earth did I just sum up your life in a paragraph??

What does it all mean? It means we're stuck in a vicious cycle, something we think we can control, but we can't, because the truth is, that office you thought was only yours, someone else's placard once stood in the exact same spot, someone else sat in the exact same seat and thought the same things you thought.
It's just like that new song by Katy Perry, Chained To The Rhythm. Twenty years down the line, ironically, that song will be forgotten, along with its artist, replaced by someone younger and better.

If you're feeling bad or targeted right now, it's okay, because that was exactly my mission. To make you aware. Aware of what this is, it's blasphemy.
I won't tell you how to fix it, that's up to you, I'm here to tell you, that things need to change, just some food for thought. There it is, you just finished my one page rant, I hope you liked it, I hope it was worth your precious time. But I am, after all, just a fanatical teen girl with a lifetime in front of her with little to no experience, no need to pay heed to me, for a professional spirit guide, I am not. I hope that makes you feel less awful? That's all from me, go drink your coffee.


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