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Vidya Vishwakarma


A strong and controllable emotion is termed passion. The act of being very strong in terms of the will. It can be in the form of career, love and many other aspects. It is, therefore, an intrinsic motivation and increases the willpower to do something.

Passion can be positive as well as negative. The act of positivity derived from passion is the best kind of motivation. Passion is like that igniting fire which increases with the failures as it acts like an inflammatory material rather than an extinguishing element. It acts like fire which can never be extinguished.

This is the fire within us which can burn the world around us. It can pave the way to a lot of career options for one and all. It burns all the obstacles that come on the way. This is how one starts paving the way towards the top.

The top is not that easy to reach but it is the extent of the fire. It is the fire whose heat makes the passive human into an active one. It acts like the nonstop definite way to reach to the ultimate goal. It is the positivity of this fire that keeps us alive and acts like the heat which keeps one body of aims and career.

The body of aims and career is made rigid and definite. Aims and careers are like buds which bloom undernourishment of Passion. It starts with an optimum requirement of this. An optimum act of passion keeps you awake in the darkest of the night.

It is the motivation from the passion that doesn’t let you sleep. Life gets more adventurous. The adventures of not giving up. The act of trying again and again. However, all you know is you stand still in the bad time and work harder than the previous time.

The act of working hard with every failure is what is called passion. Well, there has been an association of this particular word with an act of madness and the act of something weird.

Well, here we stand the act of being passionate is not always negative rather it is the hidden fire inside you which has the capacity to bring down the entire world at your feet. It brings the stars and moons down to your feet. It is the inside you strong, dedicated and has a very strong will.

Passion also adds on to the dedication factor. It is this idea that adds on to your dedication, one can always be dedicated towards his or her work. It is the blend of passion and dedication that causes an exothermic reaction. It produces the heat to keep the work on the track. It is the fencing of this fire that prevents you from deviating and getting distracted.

Passion is not just a word it is motivation, feeling, and emotion. It is this that builds one’s personality. Well, being passionate is not always being lunatic as a metal is not always gold. So be aware of the passionate heart and minds around you and do keep your passionate self-alive.




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