August 16, 2018

Online Platform for the Fantasy Stories

Are you a budding writer who wants to take people into you fantasy world But you can’t find the right platform ? Well we have a news for all you budding writers, ScribeBee is here for you, a portal where you can publish your genre of fantasy stories online! What better than publishing your work online, where you can reach out to an audience in an innumerable number, right?!

Fantasy is a subdivision of fiction. There is use of no actual locations, people, themes, etc. These can be of a number of genre, to name a few  like romantic, sci-fi, horror etc. There are a huge number of writers who do not understand their genre of writing, either they are not aware to it or don’t have the access or exposure to it. In order to make them learn, to create awareness and to spread the word, we have an online publishing portal at ScribeBee.

To be able to publish their work, ScribeBee provides our budding writers & authors a great platform to learn as well.  Focusing on one parameter of creative writing, i.e., Fantasy Fiction, ScribeBee also provides a platform for publishing fantasy stories online.

So don’t wait anymore, log onto and read write share your fantasy stories online  with us!

August 14, 2018

How to make story writing effective?

Do you want to write but just can’t get started? Frustrated of staring at a blank page, not being able to pen down your thoughts? Story writing could be hard but still write the story you want to write, express yourself vividly.

Everyone can think therefore everyone can write. Those who claim they can’t, simply don’t have a medium in which they can procreate and learn simultaneously.

Story writing is really effective while putting your thoughts across. Scribebee gives you a platform to enter a forum of like minded people to help you just do that. It has resources and team of experts to guide you how can you begin with story writing and unleash your creative side. Scribebee is your window of opportunity towards the future you desire.

Wow the world with your story writing skills, what are you waiting for? Go to and learn the art of story writing.

August 9, 2018

Why story writing for kids is important?

We want to improve the skills of kids. We want to build their imagination in a story. If shy kids want to communicate, story writing is the way to make their communication easy to the people. Story writing for kids  gives them a good platform to express their ideas and thoughts to the world. Writing is the best part of assessment of life, personality and growth of skills thus the story writing for kids. The learning stage of kids, which can be adventures by story writing so for that they have platforms where they can learn and improve their reading & writing skills.

According to the E.L Doctorow, “Writing is an exploration. You start for nothing and learn as you go.”

So, learn to grow and write to explore and for being a writer go on . Let’s give a platform kids to write story of their imaginary world.  

August 9, 2018

Unleash your creativity through story writing website

We believe that Creativity is a phenomenon that has been given to all by god. Some discover it through music, dance, scientific experiments, and some through their words. To be creative not only means to stand out of the crowd, but it also means to be able to express it to the world in an innovative way.
There are various ways for one to express their creativity, one such is a story writing website named ScribeBee, where you can unleash your creativity through your thoughts and words.

Not everybody has the access or the expertise to publish books or be renowned authors/writers, which could be due to various reasons. Now you’re wondering where else could you publish your work? The answer is at ScribeBee, a story writing website which gives you a chance to publish your stories online and to reach out to renowned authors and writers around the globe. What better opportunity than this right?!

So hurry up and log onto ScribeBee, where you get a chance to unleash the creative writer inside you.