August 23, 2018

How to write Dramatic stories online

Drama, a word as powerful as it sounds has the power to link in with the life of a character being portrayed. Dramatic stories could be from various genres like,comedy, romantic, fiction, non-fiction, thriller, sci-fi, etc. Ranging from publishing books to publishing online, dramatic stories online have become a raging trend.

We’ve been associated with this word since our childhood from watching cartoons being younger, to watching daily soaps now. These drama series used to interest us so much, wondering about the concept, the characters, the depth to how each character was portrayed, left us all astounded. This inspired so many of us to draw a drama/fiction stories of our own, bringing all those characters to life.

Are you one of those enthusiasts who like to create a dramatic aura around people by your stories? Where you actually fetch your audience into your story, involving them in your characters’ life.  Are you on of those but you’re not able to find the right platform for you? Well, not anymore! We at ScribeBee aim at providing you, a platform to publish your dramatic stories online!

We not only promote established writers, but also encourage budding writers from all genres to come and express their creativity with us. With our focus in this section to call for writers who would like to publish their dramatic stories online, ScribeBee provides an excellent forum to explore and express your talent with like minded people and helps you grow as a writer.

So log onto, and unleash your creativity! 


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