August 8, 2018

Online education portal for readers, writers & publishers

Our education system has seen a sudden gush in the development of online education portals. Having online education portal is a necessity these days as it is easily accessible. There are so many online education portals now developing in India and there's a huge competition amongst them. Scribebee is one of the online education portals which aims at giving a platform to the youth and kids from across the globe, where they can express freely and can also read stories and other resources online anywhere and anytime. Isn’t it amazing?

A year back, I read an article which quoted that the big challenges which Indian education system are facing currently are poor infrastructure and shortage of trained teachers. Scribebee somehow solves this problem, as it also provides resources and tutorials online by trained teachers for kids, youth, parents and tutors which makes it easier for them to learn at the comfort of their own place. What else one can ask for in this fast-paced life?

So, go visit and register yourself on our online education portal for a better learning experience.


Our vision is to create a world where children are able to unlock their imagination and are empowered to express themselves

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