August 6, 2018

Why Scribebee is a best online platform for writing stories ?

Communication, the basics of living beings. The mode we communicate through is “words”, can be done verbally or through writing. Words have the power to create peace or call in for a war. Writing gives us the freedom to express ourselves. It could through poetry, articles or even the simplest of a text message. But how many of us actually have the freedom to express? Its a question to be pondered upon. ScribeBee then comes in the picture. It aims at providing a creativity platform to people to express their thoughts best done through their portal where they can write stories online and get published. 

In India, out of the total population of people who like to write or are into creative writing, about a 3/4th has no access or exposure to the means of writing. ScribeBee being a social impact venture,, aims at reaching out the that circle of the population so as to provide them a platform where they can express freely. And to be able to write stories online is the quickest and the easiest means to reach out to the public.

So join ScribeBee and your creativity unleash.


Our vision is to create a world where children are able to unlock their imagination and are empowered to express themselves

  • Get published online free of cost
  • Have a fast growing readership in 56 countries
  • You and readers, can like and comment, on your write up
  • One click share your work, with family & friends on Facebook